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From Quantum Materials to Devices


Quantum materials are substances that exhibit a wide range of unusual properties rooted in quantum mechanical effects. These occur in extreme situations such as low temperature or high magnetic fields, and in structures with reduced dimensions such as thin films, interfaces, nanostructures, and assemblies of single molecules. Interactions in these materials lead to novel states of matter including superconductivity, spin and charge order, and new phenomena at the edge of our understanding of electrons in solids. The demand for quantum materials is growing in today's world with the miniaturization of electronic devices, and new applications such as solar energy conversion and quantum computing on the horizon. The Quantum Matter Institute's mission is to be at the forefront of research on these materials; training the next generation of scientists and innovators is a key element of that mission.


QuEST: Quantum Electronic Science and Technology


The aim of the QuEST training program is to give students a broad technical basis and a well-rounded perspective of how their research in quantum materials can impact society through technology transfer to existing companies and to high-technology startups. In addition to working with cutting-edge researchers, students in the QuEST program have access to innovative coursework, an open and collaborative research network, opportunities for internships in industry and abroad, and networking and mentoring with leading innovators and entrepreneurs.


For more details about the opportunities offered by QuEST see QuEST Program. To apply for competitive QuEST graduate student positions please review the information about our program and see How to apply for details on the application process.







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